Blog Post: Connected Means Consuming

With all the hyperbole about the Internet being a living breathing organism of a country, most are spot on. Instead of corporations that provide rules, structure and profits to maintain, we watch this conglomerate of mediums evolve with its users better than any other previous form of broadcasts.

I enjoyed reading the results of this survey the Financial Times ran about how it’s content is consumed my type of device. Stats were broken out by print, desktop, tablet and phone with amazing results. Not surprisingly, the financial news provider has seen use sort of meld together in a solid form of consumption.

Basically, we consume all day long through any means necessary.

This could be related to the fact that we are all bored at work, but I think it goes deeper. Never before could I use my walk to the bathroom to check Twitter. Reading in bed was once the only think I could do while falling asleep.

I am always connected, and I need new stuff to consume.

For many of you, this concept is not new or surprising. I think what really drives this thought for me is we now have hard metrics proving what we have always thought. We are constantly finding new ways to consume.

I wonder what will be the breaking point.

Blog Post: Connected Means Consuming

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Blog Post: Technology Is Driving The Ever-Evolving Social Contract – SXSW Interactive

For many of you, hearing about South By Southwest happened in the last 10 years. It’s understandable, regional festivals (other than say Woodstock or Lollapalooza) were just reasons to get college students together to smoke weed and rock out. For me, to be honest, we kind of snickered at the event yearly. Of course, I […]

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Blog Post: Can Online Ad Sales Ever Catch Up?

According to Pandora, they apparently can. The company CEO Joe Kennedy claims new data surrounding the ratings they have mirror that of terrestrial radio. “Pandora will now be there side by side, apples to apples,” he said recently to The Verge.

Can that really happen?

I am interested in all of your thoughts. Even in this enlightened day of online availability, many feel that online ads are still worth way less than the traditional powers. Part of this mantra could be due to more accurate data. Nielsen announced recently they will be measuring online ratings more closely, and ABC announced they will utilize these numbers to gauge rates for the bevy of online media portals (ESPN chief among them).

If that is the case, then the Internet as a media power has been severely under appreciated over the last few years. Numbers being the way Kennedy sees them shaking out, you better lock up your banner and click-through rates now before they sky rocket.

The Wild West may be soon annexed by Traditional Media.

Blog Post: Can Online Ad Sales Ever Catch Up?

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Blog Post: Take That Facebook

This is why we are in an unprecedented age of technological innovation. A 12-year-old boy in Florida (12), was tired of the age restriction Facebook has so he lied and created a few accounts. After accumulating over 600 friends and a slew of inappropriate information shared with him, his parents found out and shut it down. How did the parents resolve the connundrum?

They helped him create his own social network just for kids.

Zach Marks presents Grom Social, a site for kids 16 and under, and many think it has a chance. It receives over 6,000 views a day, and growing by the minute. The best part? Marks’ parents serve on the leadership team for the site.

Many wonder how Facebook is going to grow now that it is reaching the peak of it’s market saturation. With sites like Grom Social cropping up, they may have missed their opportunity to grow.

Blog Post: Take That Facebook

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Blog Post: The Internet of Your Appendage

The is the kind of article I want to be reading at the conclusion of CES: cool gadgets that might change how we live our lives. If you read my post on Thursday, I talked about how we should be seeing the fashion of tomorrow’s technology today at CES. If you thought mobile technology was just phones and tablets, please read this post by Quartz.

Very soon, we will be receiving messages on watches, reminded to get up and walk around by a bracelet, even have our blood pressure measured by a tattoo. The heath care aspects are mind boggling, but it also may impact fashion itself. I haven’t worn any jewelry other than my wedding ring for years. I could easily see myself with a watch, bracelet and ear piece in the near future.

Blog Post: The Internet of Your Appendage

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