Blog Post: Beware How Each #Mobile OS Displays Email

As more and more web traffic (including email) trends towards mobile, it is important to take into consideration how your messages will be received by each OS. This infographic is a great representation.

Keep in mind your intended audience, and the way that demographic accesses your transmission of information. Is it optimized? Is the resolution a roadblock? Can you display it a different way?

All these questions need to be answered and more if you want to deliver a clear and attractive message to your audience.

Blog Post: Beware How Each #Mobile OS Displays Email

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Blog Post: Twitter Just Changed The Game

Many have wondered what Twitter was going for as a long term business model. Without an IPO, they have been mostly dependent on investor money to keep the pipelines flowing. Sure, they have some ad revenue currently, but anyone who thinks it pays the bills is kidding themselves. For long term viability of the platform, they needed a game changer in terms of revenue.

That announcement came my way today in the form of this great piece from Financial Times.

What does that mean to the lay person? This site will start generating some real cash very soon. It also means that some high profile brands basically staked their claim on your Twitter feed. Proctor & Gamble, Walmart, Microsoft and Coca-Cola just bought themselves some prime real estate.

I, for one, am excited about this because all the whispers of Twitter going away can now subside. For years it has been my preferred method of consuming and broadcasting information. A fresh supply of revenue will only strengthen the name of Twitter and possibly transform mobile advertising.

Twitter was made for mobile, and brand recognition can only increase with the platform (Vine included). Keep an eye on your feed, because change is coming.

Blog Post: Twitter Just Changed The Game

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