Blog Post: The Continued Evolution of #WebRTC

Since discovering the amazing new video chatting service Twelephone and it’s zany creator Chris Matthieu, I have been following the WebRTC (Web Real Time Commnication) community. It is a growing group of developers pushing the webkit to the limits allowing for lightweight, scalable communication through your web browser.

One of the previous constraints of the platform restricted use to one-on-one conversations. Of course, that won’t do in enterprise. Fortunately, is doing it’s best to rewrite those restrictions. Now, up to six users can chat simultaneously.

It’s tagline: Get a Room. I love it.

In a short amount of time, WebRTC attained a cult-like following in the developer community. Google originally released the code on June 1, 2011 (my birthday should always be marked by the release of great code) as a means of simple audio and video communication through a set of APIs. 

Share this with all of your developer friends, please. Other than creating some easy tools for staying connected, if developers want to be on the forefront of communication tools they will want to do their homework on WebRTC. Chrome, Firefox and Opera browsers are already using aspects of it. Once Safari signs off, our mobile devices will all be connected in a new way.


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