Blog Post: Can Online Ad Sales Ever Catch Up?

According to Pandora, they apparently can. The company CEO Joe Kennedy claims new data surrounding the ratings they have mirror that of terrestrial radio. “Pandora will now be there side by side, apples to apples,” he said recently to The Verge.

Can that really happen?

I am interested in all of your thoughts. Even in this enlightened day of online availability, many feel that online ads are still worth way less than the traditional powers. Part of this mantra could be due to more accurate data. Nielsen announced recently they will be measuring online ratings more closely, and ABC announced they will utilize these numbers to gauge rates for the bevy of online media portals (ESPN chief among them).

If that is the case, then the Internet as a media power has been severely under appreciated over the last few years. Numbers being the way Kennedy sees them shaking out, you better lock up your banner and click-through rates now before they sky rocket.

The Wild West may be soon annexed by Traditional Media.

Blog Post: Can Online Ad Sales Ever Catch Up?


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