Blog Post: The Change In Social Media

For whatever reason, I have been seeing a lot of infographics posted recently communicating data. Not that I hate infographics, it’s quite an attractive and simple way to get good data sent.

These are some highlights from one of these informative graphics on social media on Mobile Marketing Watch.

  • 85% of Orkut, 70% of DeviantArt and 60% of Reddit users are aged 18-29. Looks like if you want to reach adults under 30, traditional platforms such as Twitter and Facebook are not the way to go.
  • For all the hullaballoo surrounding Facebook’s new social searching feature, it may turn out to be a big waste of time. 70% of Facebook users don’t use search on the platform. Whoops!
  • Remember when the letters “FWD” started half of your personal emails? Those days are gone for young people. 60% of adults under 30 share using Facebook, while 70% of adults over the age of 45 still share using email.

I’m really interested to see how LinkedIn does in the next five years. The platform’s user base has grown more slowly than Twitter and Facebook, and doesn’t get near the ink the Big Two get. However, as more and more people realize that work-related communication can only grow over time, I think the site will as well.

It was well said on a recent podcast: people use Facebook because it’s so hard to get all their friends and family to move. Once a new platform provides that opportunity, Facebook is toast. 


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