5 Ways to Set Yourself Up For Cognitive Success

Quite simply, our mind works in two states. There are some things our mind is asked to negotiate intuitively, and on the spot. A question that qualifies is, "what is your favorite color". This is referred to in the book as System 1.

Some things take a little more thought. If I were to ask you to count the number of punctuation marks on this post, that would qualify as something that takes a little more concentration and time to accomplish. Kahneman refers to this as System 2 in full effect. It is possible that some activities could become more intuitive, as does our driving ability. Just takes effort and time.

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Do You Really Think You’re All Alone In This?

In the sports world, we talk about individual achievement like it’s second nature. Insurmountable odds are overcome by people every day. They see the goal, and train day and night to reach it. How in the world could Stuart Scott be highlighting the important part of his survival is relying on others?

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