Blog Post: Improve Commerce With Your Mobile Strategy

Because I could not have written it any better, please check out this great read from Wired on how 2013 is the year for mobile commerce. Of course, I have written in the past that this may or may not be the case. I think there are sufficient arguments either way for now until some real numbers are presented.

Either way, the meat of this article is at the end, where studies are showing that consumers are tired of their mobile apps being dominated by just advertising. That’s not to say they don’t want a banner while playing Angry Birds, most users are fine with a small amount of ads in exchange for a free game. I’m referring to retailers using their mobile apps as yet another way to advertise deals or featured items.

Rather, why can’t they just make a way for money to exchange hands?

Every metric in the retailing industry shows that Apple has mastered the brick-and-mortar experience. They make more per square foot than anyone else (at least since I last checked data), and their digital retailing platform is part of the reason. I can open the app, scan an item and pay for it without standing in any line whatsoever.

How crappy would the experience be if customers had to scroll through some ads, navigate through several screens and confirm 20 times before getting to a checkout? It’s like digitally standing in line: an exercise to waste time when all you desire is to give a company money for something and leave.

Think through the experience you want to give customers. Aren’t we evolved shoppers at this point to cut out the important? I’m not saying you can’t do all the research and looking around on the Apple Store app, but that should be ancillary to getting a user to the product you want and get their money in as little fuss as possible.


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