Blog Post: Are You Better At Focusing On The Future Or The Immediate?

Agile coaches, project and product managers all have their strengths. While the specifics tend to differ wildly, I can usually divide them into two camps: the immediate and the future. The immediate specialists are awesome day-to-day negotiators of roadblocks and issues that arise on the team. They love spending time with the team, keeping meetings […]

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Blog Post: Why Twitter Will Be Rewarded For Thinking Mobile First

Everyone has talked this Twitter IPO thing to death, and I was wondering if I was struggling to find a great take on the situation. Many have speculated on the success metrics, but nobody really nailed why the social media platform had reached this point.

Enter the Wall Street Journal with the main factor: mobile-first strategy.

Think about it. As they launched, many were passing in its usefulness because they were on desktop machines. That was how Facebook reached out to so many. LinkedIn the same. Yet, even today, I do not really enjoy the web interface of Twitter.

Of course, we all know the story of the famous South by Southwest that truly put Twitter on the map. The momentum gained from tripling its user base in one week has not faded. That doesn’t happen without the iPhone and a fantastic mobile experience.

The pairing of the platform with TV works even better because anyone who enjoys tweeting knows the best time to do so is during live events. When I went to a Dallas Cowboys game on Monday night in 2012, the experience would not have been complete without sharing.

Wish I could have tweeted the ‘Boys to a victory!

I am not going to speculate on the success of the coming IPO because so many factors will go into that beyond my purview. What I will point to is how companies trying to formulate a strategy of success for the rest if this decade must think like Twitter and go mobile first.

We aren’t putting our devices down anytime soon. Be a part of that experience.

Blog Post: Why Twitter Will Be Rewarded For Thinking Mobile First

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