Blog Post: Would You Build Your Own Phone?

I can only imagine the looks you must have given that headline. Many of us still have issue making sure the DVR doesn’t cut off the fourth quarter of our favorite game, how could we possible be building our own mobile devices?

According to this article from Pocket Now, Motorola is rumored to be allowing this ability in the near future. 

While there are quite a few more hoops to jump through for federal regulations (as well as needing network connection to a mobile provider), the notion of building your own computer was once laughable too. Now, companies like Tiger Direct and NewEgg are household names because of this very market. 

Imagine being able to customize the kind of camera, memory allocation, battery size, even the body housing the components. What would it be like if you could code your very own version of Android or Firefox OS? Could this be where WebOS finally finds a stable home?

The possibilities are endless.


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