Blog Post: All-Star Reading

I write this post for a few reasons. First, it’s All-Star Sunday for the NBA and I love basketball. Second, this article highlights one of Bill Simmons greatest ideas (reheated, but still great reading). Finally, it’s a holiday weekend for me so I wanted to take a break from the normal fare.

The Ewing Theory brings up a great idea related to work. There are very few of us who aren’t replaceable. Even those people, who present so much value to their organization, can be missed. Your team won’t look the same without you, but they can and would make it without you.

Value is a relative term. Cherish the value you have and fight to keep it. That comes with attitude, effort, and innovation. Harness that and your ceiling will soar.

Blog Post: All-Star Reading

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Blog Post: Remember Zora Ball

Many a developer has developed a mobile application using Bootstrap, but was it while you were attending the first grade? Check this video out and remember this name folks. Something tells me this young lady will be making a name for herself in the years to come. By the way, this should also function as […]

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Blog Post: Location Based Rewards

What happens when the first video-game generation grows up? They turn everything into a game. Some have deemed this phenomenon the “gameification” of products. There have been varying levels of success with this concept, but I would argue the strategy has been a win. In this All Things D article, a new mobile app titled Shopkick is reviewed by […]

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Blog Post: Please Hack My Body

Leave it to the folks at MIT to organize an open-source hackathon for the betterment of our health. Please check out this highly encouraging view into some of the greatest minds in software as the try to use the ever increasing amount of data we are gathering about human physiology. This is what happens when […]

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