Blog Post: Death Of The Mouse?

There are a lot of devices being created today, so it’s understandable that I’m a bit numb to excitement surround a potential product launch. Then again, if you told me I could get rid of my mouse and start using my iPhone instead I would change my tune.

Consider me hyped up.

A product by Spicebox called the Mauz is trying to do just that, with a dongle attached to the power port (30 pin for now, but Lightning is on the way) and utilizes wifi to connect to your computer.

The best part of this device is not the ability to carry my mouse with me wherever I go, regardless of which device I want to connect it to. That part is a given. No, the best part is Spicebox is creating a platform for developers to utilize the gyroscope, gestures and more to make the time I’m forced to sit in front of a desktop a little more enjoyable. 

This has workflow management, gaming and native app development implications written all over it. The company isa little short of it’s Kickstarter goal, but are moving forward with production nevertheless.

I know what I want for my birthday this year honey!


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