Blog Post: Location Based Rewards

What happens when the first video-game generation grows up? They turn everything into a game. Some have deemed this phenomenon the “gameification” of products. There have been varying levels of success with this concept, but I would argue the strategy has been a win.

In this All Things D article, a new mobile app titled Shopkick is reviewed by someone on staff. There were some frustrations for sure, and I think we could all agree on some great enhancements. This quote is all I needed to hear on the efficacy of this piece of software:

“Once I entered Target, I could earn more kicks by simply scanning selected products, as directed by the app. So I took a few minutes to find three different beauty products and scan the bottles, which earned me 75 kicks. I didn’t buy any of these products, but I did end up walking out of Target with a bottle of shampoo and a new set of wine glasses.”

That’s all you need to know. Lauren Goode intended on trying this app out and earn some reward points by just scanning some products in store, and ended up making a purchase. I would say this team has earned itself a new project to work on!


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