Blog Post: What Would You Pay For Access?

It is a question as old as time: what are we willing to offer as compensation for access to the things we want? Some ask for your time viewing their ads, others want payment. We have even created models where we have to do both (I know, crazy right?).

Enter Selectable Media, a new platform that is trying to disrupt mobile advertising just as it seemed to be stabilizing.

Mobile started out with the same model as standard internet advertising. Free ads that the user is forced to view in order to access content. Seemed like it was going to stay that way forever, then a few smart companies decided to let users decide how they would pay for features.

Suddenly, people were willing to pay to remove ads from their mobile apps. Social media platforms were built on requiring monetary compensation for a user name. Free apps gave birth to “freemium”, where free downloads were merely gateways to the real paid content awaiting your iTunes password.

Selectable Media is trying to bring some class back to the advertising model with a drop down menu of videos the user can choose from before proceeding. Advertisers and publishers not only get a peek into the number of users and amplitude of use for their application, but which ads are popular and effective.

This platform provides a sleek alternative to “survey walls” or banner ads. The user has a say in the matter (much like Hulu has successfully done for years) and has a finite amount of time they have to invest before proceeding to their precious content. It also has easy social integration, which is a must in today’s mobile market.

Selectable Media is now out of beta and available to publishers and advertisers.


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