Blog Post: Cheering For Others

I’d like to pose a scenario and see if you can relate. It’s the end of yet another month at your company. You’ve had an extremely productive and successful 30 days, even been complimented by a couple of co-workers in the process. You walk into the conference room for the month-in-review session with a certain […]

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Blog Post: Always Go With MVP

One of the most popular books in the business community over the last few years is The Lean Startup by Eric Ries. I’m sure many of you read it, or have it on your to-read list, but I wanted to highlight one particular idea in the book. We digest product so quickly today, so we must get […]

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Blog Post: The Dreaded #RWD

No, this isn’t a post to tell you what the hottest buzzword in mobile development right now: responsive web design. It’s not even a real description of the term. I would hope that you expect more from your tech blogs than that. I’m assuming if you are still here, that you are familiar with the […]

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Blog Post: Super Sharing

If you have never live-tweeted an event before, there is no greater opportunity to start on Super Bowl Sunday. If it wasn’t always on a day off, this country would have made it a mandatory holiday by now. Take the chance to share. Share with those you are watching with in person first, then give […]

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Blog Post: Disclose This!

I am right on the political fence when it comes to our government in the States. There are times it really empowers people to aid and assist in help those that need it. This is not one of those times. According to this article from GigaOm, the Federal Trade Commission is cautioning mobile application developers […]

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