Blog Post: Super Sharing

If you have never live-tweeted an event before, there is no greater opportunity to start on Super Bowl Sunday. If it wasn’t always on a day off, this country would have made it a mandatory holiday by now. Take the chance to share. Share with those you are watching with in person first, then give […]

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Blog Post: I Am The Vine, But Who Are The Branches?

By now, many of you have heard of Vine, the new platform to share your animated GIFs. For those that don’t know what an animated GIF is, Google is your friend. There’s only a few terabytes of data set aside for you to view.

Granted, the biggest news that Vine has made in the last few days has been related to how Facebook hates it and has put a pox upon it’s soul. Besides that, we are left with what could be the end of the 30 second commercial.

In terms of television advertising, I don’t know if we will ever be through with the 30-second spot. For decades, we have been spoon-fed product ideas for that length of time and I don’t see that medium changing course any time soon. Recently, Internet marketers have tried to add value to the advertisements they place by adding time (often in strange increments) to the spots placed online. 

Vine may change all that with their six-second clips.

Imagine being able to flow through your feed, whether it is on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, or any other desired framework. It’s filled with still images (for the most part) begging you to click on the image or link for more information on the next great product in your life. Instead, imagine that same feed with small commercial clips, telling you about products in six-second-looped clips. More information could be parsed quickly and easily than ever before!

Will this require some innovation? Of course! When it comes to the great minds that have transformed ads into every possible medium provided, they haven’t failed us yet.

Keep your eye out for more of these “Vines” in your social media feeds. My guess, is that you will see more and more of them in the year to come. A new standard could be on the horizon, and we are watching it pass in short loops.

I am Jack’s interest piqued.

Blog Post: I Am The Vine, But Who Are The Branches?

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Blog Post: Take That Facebook

This is why we are in an unprecedented age of technological innovation. A 12-year-old boy in Florida (12), was tired of the age restriction Facebook has so he lied and created a few accounts. After accumulating over 600 friends and a slew of inappropriate information shared with him, his parents found out and shut it down. How did the parents resolve the connundrum?

They helped him create his own social network just for kids.

Zach Marks presents Grom Social, a site for kids 16 and under, and many think it has a chance. It receives over 6,000 views a day, and growing by the minute. The best part? Marks’ parents serve on the leadership team for the site.

Many wonder how Facebook is going to grow now that it is reaching the peak of it’s market saturation. With sites like Grom Social cropping up, they may have missed their opportunity to grow.

Blog Post: Take That Facebook

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