Blog Post: How Mobile Is Your Digital Showroom?

The concept of websites functioning as showrooms is nothing new. I have been able to browse items such as cars, furniture, electronics and more from the comfort of my home for years. Shoppers prefer this because they don’t have to have the awkward sales rep following you around asking if you need any help. Retailers prefer this because they don’t need gigantic stores manned at all hours of the day. 

Many have embraced this new social norm. I purchased every piece of baby furniture online. Same goes for my Christmas presents. My company even offers car dealers the ability to sell a car completely online.

It challenged web designers to think creatively. How can you replace the experience of sitting in a Mustang, laying on a Tempurpedic and cranking a Bose stereo?

Mobile developers have double the challenge, because while social norms have changed the canvas has. Providing an enriched experience, as well as the security needed for e-commerce (also referred to as m-commerce in the mobile world), takes careful thought.

While not every product requires mimicking a test drive, the goal for a mobile showroom is to provide all the needed data and that ability to purchase in as few steps as possible. 

How many pages and touches are required to view and purchase? Are your products depicted in the proper light? Are you PCI compliant?

These are just a few of the many questions needing to be asked of your mobile commerce site. You can read more about mobile show rooming with this Business Intelligence Insider report.


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