Blog Post: @ev Is Bringing #Holacracy Mainstream

Ev Williams has made quite a name for himself. Not just with the software products he has helped create, but also in the way he runs a company. This post on Medium describes one of the principles of a social technology called holacracy.

Simply put, holacracy is a system for running an organization based upon ideas such as empowering employees, limiting office politics and boosting meeting efficacy.

I really liked the concept in this article, which involves ending meetings with a “closing round” by all attendees. It can be used for summary, takeaways, confirmation, affirmation, etc. Even with 30 seconds of concise dialogue, a ton of information could be communicated to team members going forward.

“Great meeting today. It highlighted that I need to follow up with marketing on their projections for the new product hitting production next month. It will allow sales to start generating buzz with customers beforehand.”

Try this out in your next planning session or retrospective. It allow confidence to be built, remind others of roadblocks and issues, or tasks to be confirmed before starting them.

Blog Post: @ev Is Bringing #Holacracy Mainstream


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