Blog Post: Hurry Up Apple, #iOS7 Can’t Come Fast Enough

Before I come across like a complete fanboy, let me temper some of my comments on the recently announced mobile OS. Yes, there are a lot of these features are already available in the newest Android. Users can toggle their settings, cycle through apps and share media in a simple way already. 

However, can Android users really say it looks this good?

The most enjoyable part of Apple’s keynote address was the fun they poked at themselves over previous releases. The blogosphere can now put to bed the argument over skeuomorphism, because it’s gone. We all know it was the idea of departed-VP Scott Forstall to include green felt, leather and stitching to the software in Cupertino. It was important the about-face be taken lightly and move forward with gusto.

Here are some of the new features I will be looking forward to the most:

  • AirDrop: Even Android users think all the Samsung commercials with phones touching each other are ridiculous. Now, iOS users can take a single piece of media and share it with everyone in the room in one action. 
  • Native App Improvements: Everyone I know with an iPhone talks about how they dislike native apps such as Weather, Mail, Calendar, iMessage, and so on. We have all read blog post after blog post of how you can replace them with cooler third-party versions. Thankfully we can put that conversation on hold (at least for a while) because of beautiful updates.
  • iTunes Radio: I have a folder on my home page for all the different streaming radio services. Could this be my opportunity to put them all on hold with Apple’s foray into streaming music?
  • Updated Notifications: Beyond accessing my notifications from the lock screen, this is by far the aspect of iOS that needed some TLC. Users can also access their day at a glance from Notification Center in addition to the ones they missed. The three-tab configuration will come in handy.
  • More Siri: Not only has the interface been improved with graphic elements of voice searches, but you can change your settings from Siri. I’m not sure I care about whether a male or female is doing the work for me, but I do think that the less “digitized” versions of Siri will help the human-interface side of the product.

There is so much more to the coming version of iOS, but that doesn’t even address the most impressive aspect. It is so much more appealing now more than ever.

The UI changes based upon the angle you view it from. The new transparency allows you to see more while you use your device. No single detail of the OS has been overlooked.

It’s what happens when you give Jony Ive this kind of oversight. The attention to detail we used to just see in iPhones and iPads is now in the software we use in those devices.

Each year, I say the new version of iOS can’t come fast enough, and this year is no different. For months, I have watched my friends at work walk around with pride with their Android devices. For the first time in a long time, iPhone users will get to do the same thing.

Hurry up Apple, this update can’t come fast enough.


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