Blog Post: Are You Using SMS Alerts?

One thing I love about reading stats is it really drives ideas home. Regardless of the medium – print, digital, billboard, etc. – the right metric can hit you right in the gut. With that in mind, check this:

95% of delivered SMS messages are opened. Translation: if you want your message read, why aren’t you texting your customers?

There is so much more to be digested from this article from Otimo Mobile, but that one stat should make you question everything about you’re mobile strategy. It should keep you up at night.

How can you get SMS into your platform’s marketing plan? The answer could make you feel a lot more comfortable about what you are presenting.

Blog Post: Are You Using SMS Alerts?

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Blog Post: Connected Means Consuming

With all the hyperbole about the Internet being a living breathing organism of a country, most are spot on. Instead of corporations that provide rules, structure and profits to maintain, we watch this conglomerate of mediums evolve with its users better than any other previous form of broadcasts.

I enjoyed reading the results of this survey the Financial Times ran about how it’s content is consumed my type of device. Stats were broken out by print, desktop, tablet and phone with amazing results. Not surprisingly, the financial news provider has seen use sort of meld together in a solid form of consumption.

Basically, we consume all day long through any means necessary.

This could be related to the fact that we are all bored at work, but I think it goes deeper. Never before could I use my walk to the bathroom to check Twitter. Reading in bed was once the only think I could do while falling asleep.

I am always connected, and I need new stuff to consume.

For many of you, this concept is not new or surprising. I think what really drives this thought for me is we now have hard metrics proving what we have always thought. We are constantly finding new ways to consume.

I wonder what will be the breaking point.

Blog Post: Connected Means Consuming

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Blog Post: Google Makes It Rain Rejections

I love this article, mainly because it proves something Apple fans have been saying for years. While it is nice to have a big open field to play in, you can’t be upset when the local weirdos come over to throw the frisbee.

It’s been all over the news today, but a ton of apps have left the Google Play store. I don’t want to gloss over the fact that not all were at the behest of Google, most of them were.

Now that services such as Applause can actually quantify that the quality of apps are higher for iOS, looks like the Android owner decided to do something about it.

I have actually come to appreciate some of the perks associated with Android lately. When most of your team walks around carrying HTCs and Samsungs you start to ask why. The argument against the platform is niche, and can seem a bit elitist. I’ll admit it. When over 60k apps get booted because of spam or quality, however, the argument becomes germane again.

Blog Post: Google Makes It Rain Rejections

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