Blog Post: Is HTML5 The Step-Child To Native Mobile Apps?

It’s easy to make the case for native iOS and Android applications these days. When companies are throwing money at anyone who can turn their site into something downloadable from an app store, you know a cottage industry is made. Even when native apps aren’t the best option, mobile sites are “appifying” their websites to mimic the same look and feel.

It would appear that HTML5 might be going the way of the dodo faster than ever imagined. Or is it?

According to this study just released from Business Insider, it would appear so for now. Developers are creating better user experience, higher security and faster monetization on native apps than HTML5 sites. The first two only augment the last feature more, which of course is the end goal for any of us.

The important thing to always remember is the value HTML5 sites will always hold over apps: cross-platform integration.

When it comes to large-enterprise development, the cost associated with cross-platform development will only grow as the number of operating systems rise. Even one percent of your customer base using Firefox OS could benefit your bottom line. 

To that degree, companies such as Motorola, SAP and IBM are rolling out cross-platform development tools to allow companies to build once and compile for all app stores. While those can cut some of the cost down, it adds a large bill for access. 

In the end, the more devices built with different screens and OS will make responsive HTML5 sites more valuable. Don’t be so quick to count their value out yet. I don’t know if the app will go out of style any time soon but having a site that can be easily accessed, marketed and adapt to any device can withstand any bubble popping in the app economy.


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