Blog Post: Are iOS Ad Revenues Set To Explode?

Interesting reading today on GigaOm regarding the line in the sand Apple has drawn over apps that track UDIDs. The mobile device leader will now start rejecting apps that utilize the unique identifier, which could mean great things for the platform and third-party developers.

While it may seem incongruous to most, allowing apps to track specific devices has actually held back grown of iAd. Apple’s platform for delivering advertising revenue took a hit back in 2011 when two high priority apps (Pandora and Weather Channel) were named in a suit that did not allow users to opt out of targeted ad tracking. Many, as the article stipulates, have pointed to this as the reason why more big name brands aren’t utilizing the popular platform more.

Once the gray area regarding the legality and use of this information will be cleared up May 1, iOS will be the most compliant digital advertising platform in existence (including PC Web). I can only imagine the positive implications in the next few months.


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