Blog Post: Utilizing #Mobile In Lead Generation

My work is in the automotive industry. There is a lot of fluff in helping market cars to the masses. We can get caught up in conversation about heat map analysis on websites, social platform integration and custom lot views, but in the end we have to be focused on the one thing that can help sell cars better than the rest: lead generation.

When you click a button or fill out a form on a website for more information, that is called a conversion. As a potential purchaser, you were converted from a browser into a possible sale. Leads come in all shapes and sizes, but if a site can deliver a retailer a conversion it is doing it’s job.

The beauty of the emerging mobile platform is the ability to convert users in an even more effective way. Leads can be generated with relation to proximity, device and device data.

Of course, there is added difficulty to the platform as well. Mobile users aren’t as patient about filling in multiple fields as desktop users. Real estate is tight, and with that user experience can turn away a possible lead that might not have been the case in other versions of a website.

It is important to keep both aspects of mobile in mind as your are generating your strategy for implementing it. Keep in mind:

  • There is a wealth of data in your phone that your desktop device may not have.
  • Mobile users are more interested in purchasing than desktop users, so they are willing to provide data to do so.
  • Be careful how users experience the opportunity to provide lead data. They are dedicated, and also more fickle.

If you can incorporate these concepts, you will not only see an improvement in lead generation. Leads will be more qualified, more detailed and more ready for purchase.


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