IE11 to appear as Firefox to avoid legacy IE CSS


Max Slater-Robins for Neowin:

To further ensure IE11 users don’t receive an odd version of the site, Microsoft also included the command “Like Gecko” which instructs the website to send back the same version of the website as they would to Firefox. The results of this update are unknown, especially on websites which are poorly coded. The move is strange, but shows that Microsoft is desperate to clean up Internet Explorer and get away from the awful experience in IE6, 7 and 8. 

So, let me get this straight: Microsoft is being forced to trick the web into thinking its own browser is actually that of its chief rival so that pages will render properly?

Such an amazing legacy IE has built.

I love Microsoft. They continue to make one awesome product decision after another!

IE11 to appear as Firefox to avoid legacy IE CSS


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