Blog Post: We All Love Secret Meetings

To be honest, this CNET story regarding a mobile summit Twitter is having at its headquarters next week could just be a big tease. After all, this is the startup that has enraged much of the development community in the last year. With the tightening of the belt around their API in regard to third-party integration, the blogosphere has eaten the social media platform’s lunch.

However, we won’t really know until the event because it’s all “hush hush”.

In that regard, you have to admire the PR surrounding this event that will focus on mobile development around the 140-character broadcaster. While nobody knows what to think, I guarantee many of the same angry developers would kill to be in the room when Twitter shows off some of their new bells and whistles. 

Twitter was made for mobile, and if there are new toys to play with, I would love to be there.


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