Blog Post: How Should We Regulate Apps?

If some of you are still on the fence regarding the coming mobile revolution, take a gander at this stat: by 2017, market research firm Research2Guidance estimates the mobile health market will be worth $26 billionYou read that right, $26 billion with a “B”.

Of course, with that comes a certain level of government compliance, as detailed by this post from GigaOm.

As a type 1 diabetic, I have many opinions on the FDA and their death-like grip on health care in this country. Should I be grateful that the government is trying to keep standards of care high in this country? Absolutely, but only if that is actually what is happening. I read a report recently that ranks the US of A seventh in the world in terms of quality of health care provided. So it would seem that a paradox is in order. I’m not merely stating the FDA is running health care much like the mob provides “protection” to local businesses, but depending on your view of the facts it could be perceived that way. Disease treatment is a much more profitable business than curing of disease, though.

Now that you know where I stand, let’s move on.

I would argue that the coming mobile revolution in health care could be the tipping point in patients finally getting access to their own health information. I would not presume to know what to do with that data more than my health care provider, but every time my doctor entrusts me with my own data points it results in me taking better care of myself. My hope is that the government will agree with that point in deciding how to regulate this booming market.

There is more to regulation than this solitary point, which of course is what makes politics such a fickle beast. There is abuse to be had all around, mainly because there is a ton of money to be made. All of this research costs money, and there will be many a failed startup in this industry. In the end, make sure you vote on applications that can serve the greater good in a positive way. There are three easy ways to do so: do your own research, let your representative know, and vote appropriately with your dollars.


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