Blog Post: A different take on the war of map apps

In full disclosure, once Google Maps was re-released in the iOS App Store, I added it to my home screen and haven’t looked back. Every once in a while, Siri makes me use Apple’s version, but that’s it.

The Cupertino giant has the same problem as other tech companies in that they can’t find enough good talent. It’s unfair to make them catch up to Google who is years ahead in development and resources.

Perhaps Apple decided to change the tenor of the pace by altering its focus.

The shared link today comes from GigaOm details the recent purchase of indoor location startup WifiSlam by Apple. This industry is not an unknown to Google, they already employ it in many countries in public locations. If Apple could get a step ahead of their main competitor in this space, however, think how the conversation could change in regard to mobile applications.

WifiSlam uses wifi signals to position devices within a 2.5 meter radius of your location. Just think how that could change app development in the next few years.

I’m not naive enough to think this could be in time for iOS 7, but what about next years WWDC? Interesting indeed.

Blog Post: A different take on the war of map apps


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