Blog Post: Open Source Art and the Rise of ‘Creative Coding’ – I wanted to share a unique community of developers who aren’t necessarily people considered “developers” a generation ago. These are true artists who want to use libraries and fellow creators to enhance the world around us. What an amazing notion.

Please pass this around and remember, the world adapts to people who choose a path and rally others to a cause. Decide what you want to make. I guarantee there are like-minded individuals who want to aid you in your journey.

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Blog Post: Mobile Data Designed For Your Health

As a fellow diabetic, I was encouraged by this post by Don Hon who was diagnosed in early 2012. Wanting to make the best out of his situation, he equipped himself with as many data-gathering devices as possible and hack his body’s new disease. Thanks to wearable devices such as Fuel and FitBit (and many more in the coming year I believe), he can make the most informed decision on how to manage his life.

Even more encouraging is the blog Databetic, a blog by an MPS candidate and big data developer trying to release tools for their fellow diabetics. These guys are worth a read as well.

Our lives are being enriched at break-neck speed by technology. There is another side to this sword, but when used effectively there is so much to be gained by utilizing software and the ever-increasing integration with devices.

Blog Post: Mobile Data Designed For Your Health

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Be a good peer

January is a dreaded time for managers in the realm of reviews. Regardless of the system your company uses to perform internal audits on it’s staff, they still have to be done. Ever wanted to have a big team under your expert tutelage? Not during this time of year you don’t. During my review with the […]

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We are all users

I love what I do. It didn’t take much for me to become passionate about mobile devices, even before the advent of the iPhone. During my television days, I used a Palm PDA to keep track of contacts and appointments. The addiction to my smartphone started way before Apple with my black Treo. Of course, […]

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Blog Post: Why You Don’t Need a Product Roadmap

I first started getting into the thoughts and ideas of 37 Signals because of my boss (who is an avid fan). They continue to show that you don’t need the biggest or most commercial of ideas to be successful. Swimming against the stream is natural for them, not a marketing choice (which so many companies try).

This post is by David Heinemeier Hansson who probably doesn’t need an introduction. It poses new and interesting thoughts behind age old business concepts. Definitely worth a read this Sunday.

Blog Post: Why You Don’t Need a Product Roadmap

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Your own personal champion

I’m going to venture a little vulnerability for a minute in regards to my own personal psyche in the workplace. While it manifests itself in all parts of my life, I think we can all identify with the concept of having someone in your corner. We have them at first, someone had to hire you […]

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How is it possible for people to be so happy when it’s so cold?

An interesting study published by the good folks at MIT shows the top 40 countries ranked in terms of happiness. The more information is released on the study of happiness in culture, the more I am convinced that engaging members of your society is where something truly great is made.

There is certainly some room for politicizing of this data, because the top 7 have somewhat different systems than the US. Instead of going there, I suggest doing a little deeper of a dive into what makes these cultures so engaging. Once we inspect that, bring it home to yours. When I say “home”, I don’t mean your city, state of country (although that is a viable application). I’m referring to the house you live, the place you work, the people you interact with on a daily basis. 

Find out how to involve others in the daily culture around you. Ask them what fulfills them in their work, families and communities. Once that happens, you will find people are happier with what they spend their time doing. There is a mountain of data suggesting the happier someone is with their situation in life, truly great things come from them. Imagine if you had an entire team, division or company invested in finding that harmony. 

It’s a place I would want to work for sure!

How is it possible for people to be so happy when it’s so cold?

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Measuring fun at work

We all learned about the definition of work in different ways. I grew up on construction sites with my dad, and in many ways it was as stereotypical as you can imagine. You show with a breakfast burrito in hand, make a wise crack at someone else’s expense, and make sure the project progressed at […]

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