Blog Post: Mobile Data Designed For Your Health

As a fellow diabetic, I was encouraged by this post by Don Hon who was diagnosed in early 2012. Wanting to make the best out of his situation, he equipped himself with as many data-gathering devices as possible and hack his body’s new disease. Thanks to wearable devices such as Fuel and FitBit (and many more in the coming year I believe), he can make the most informed decision on how to manage his life.

Even more encouraging is the blog Databetic, a blog by an MPS candidate and big data developer trying to release tools for their fellow diabetics. These guys are worth a read as well.

Our lives are being enriched at break-neck speed by technology. There is another side to this sword, but when used effectively there is so much to be gained by utilizing software and the ever-increasing integration with devices.

Blog Post: Mobile Data Designed For Your Health


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