How is it possible for people to be so happy when it’s so cold?

An interesting study published by the good folks at MIT shows the top 40 countries ranked in terms of happiness. The more information is released on the study of happiness in culture, the more I am convinced that engaging members of your society is where something truly great is made.

There is certainly some room for politicizing of this data, because the top 7 have somewhat different systems than the US. Instead of going there, I suggest doing a little deeper of a dive into what makes these cultures so engaging. Once we inspect that, bring it home to yours. When I say “home”, I don’t mean your city, state of country (although that is a viable application). I’m referring to the house you live, the place you work, the people you interact with on a daily basis. 

Find out how to involve others in the daily culture around you. Ask them what fulfills them in their work, families and communities. Once that happens, you will find people are happier with what they spend their time doing. There is a mountain of data suggesting the happier someone is with their situation in life, truly great things come from them. Imagine if you had an entire team, division or company invested in finding that harmony. 

It’s a place I would want to work for sure!

How is it possible for people to be so happy when it’s so cold?


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