Blog Post: Are You Using SMS Alerts?

One thing I love about reading stats is it really drives ideas home. Regardless of the medium – print, digital, billboard, etc. – the right metric can hit you right in the gut. With that in mind, check this:

95% of delivered SMS messages are opened. Translation: if you want your message read, why aren’t you texting your customers?

There is so much more to be digested from this article from Otimo Mobile, but that one stat should make you question everything about you’re mobile strategy. It should keep you up at night.

How can you get SMS into your platform’s marketing plan? The answer could make you feel a lot more comfortable about what you are presenting.

Blog Post: Are You Using SMS Alerts?

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Blog Post: How Can You Connect With Your Customers

There is a lot of gold to be mined in this wrap up of the first day of SES New York, a world-wide network of search and social events to educate marketers. When titans like Google and ESPN show up to share their experiences, you pay attention.

Many companies are already behind the eight ball in terms of connecting with their customers through mobile devices. The industry is still a bit wide open, and many companies are lining up to take your marketing dollars in exchange for ideas. Please don’t lose heart, 2013 is not near the end of the world when it comes to exercising your mobile strategy.

A lot of great companies are ahead of you, there is no denying it. I wish I could have been there when it happened too. If I’m playing catch up, so are many of the so called “experts” in mobile. 

Read through this piece, and continue to search for more information like it. Just have to find it.

Blog Post: How Can You Connect With Your Customers

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