Blog Post: Now Is The Time To Buy #Mobile Ads

This report from Business Insider says it all. The share of US advertising dollars has mobile accounting for only 3%. I saw that number and nearly spit out coffee, but that’s not the only telling number.

Compare that to actual consumption of media, of which mobile has a 12% share, and there is quite a disparity.

What does that mean for your advertising dollars? Three words: buy, buy, buy.

Granted, the same people selling mobile ads can see the same report that you can, but old media mindsets are still prevalent. When there is plenty of space available for advertising, prices will be lower and the ROI will be higher. 

Every report I have seen shows this ratio of ad revenue to consumption will change. More media is being created for devices every day. In addition advertisers will put more and more of their dollars in the devices we use. That means you should get the best return for your marketing dollars while you can.

Blog Post: Now Is The Time To Buy #Mobile Ads


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