Blog Post: How Can We Call Something ‘Dead’?

As someone who has spent much of his life in comic books, the idea of anything being “dead” is just humorous. Characters are brought back from the grave all the time. Television shows from the ’70s are re-imagined as movies, songs get warmed over with a twist, and technologies don’t quite have the right product to push them forward.

I was reminded of this notion reading this article passed on by a friend on Twitter about NFC payments possibly being dead. Now, I don’t want to postulate on whether that idea is true or not. With plenty of security concerns and lack of real-world adoption, it could be. That’s not the point.

We don’t have the patience to let technology naturally evolve and grow.

The same can be said for QR Codes, mobile apps, and many more. Sometimes, the pundits get one right (I’m looking right at you Flash). More often, however, certain technological breakthroughs just don’t have the right product to showcase it.

Before we call something “dead”, let us remember that disruptive ideas are all around us waiting to be discovered. Not all of them can turn into Facebook, the iPhone, or Angry Birds. In fact, you can make just as big of a mark if you look at the industry you are in and look for the holes. If the right technology or innovation can fill the gap, you’re all set.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I am going to use my NFC-enabled phone to scan a QR code using a mobile app.


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