Blog Post: How Can You Integrate SMS Into Your Strategy?

Hopefully I am not the only one applauding the demise text slang. It was necessary at a time when we were pushing the number “1” three times to get the letter “C”. For many feature phone users it is still the case, so I may be a little premature. However, with smartphones now outselling feature phones on a monthly basis in the US, users are entering an age of more normalized conversation over SMS.

This highlights an extreme opportunity for businesses to reach out to potential and existing customers. Regardless of the use of mobile in your current strategy, there needs to be a place for SMS in it. This post from Business2Community highlights a few of the areas:

  • Offering of exclusive deals
  • Freebie giveaways at retail locations
  • Special event marketing
  • Personalized coupons

One area the article doesn’t mention is the ability for sales and service representatives to interact with multiple customers at once. Call it an enhancement on managed chat. 

Customer engagement is epitomized with this platform. Users willing to share over this frequency are not only your greatest purchaser, but your advocate as well. This same segment of your base will be willing to share on Facebook, forward offers to friends, and leave five-star reviews.

Find a way to utilize this technology, and marketing your product suddenly becomes a whole lot easier.


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