Blog Post: How To Nudge Your Customers

We’ve all been there. The group of Girl Scouts asking you to purchase their cookies (guilty). The option to donate $2 to an election fund (not guilty). Someone dressed as Uncle Sam with a giant arrow pointing to the local income tax processing office (no way Jose). These are all something authors Richard Thaler and Cass Sunstein refer to as a “nudge”.

Those are just the obvious examples, there are hundreds presented before you on a daily basis. Coupons, billboards, bumper stickers, you name it. All of them are subtle call to actions wanting to alter your thought and behavior; most of them for profit.

Good news is this thinking can be added to your mobile strategy.

While mobile ad campaigns are gaining marketing dollars more and more this year, many companies can nudge their customers positively using their exiting product line.

Many would refer to this type of feature as a call to action, but a nudge means so much more.

In this great post from All Things D, Thaler and Sunstein have written a book detailing so much more to the nudge. Data analytics can reveal more about your customers and how they are using your product (as always, Google is your friend). While that notion isn’t new, the idea of personalizing it to each device is.

Instead of trying to brand your product for a wide array of customers, you can target exactly who you are after.

A nudge can simply involve placing the pertinent information above the fold, or enabling a simpler way to let customers contact you. It can even involve improving your deep linking to take customers right to the product they want to buy.

Find the fingerprint of your customers and and their pressure points, and just the right nudge could move them from their phones to your store. 


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