Blog Post: Who Are Mobile Users Today?

Much is currently being made of mobile users and who they are becoming. Terabytes of data are devoted to the coming generation, the types of devices they use, and the activities they are performing on them. Just like the television before, I used it for vastly different things than my parents did.

Instead, I wanted to pass along some data about current users and what we have learned about them so far. This comes from a post on TrendBlog on mobile marketing data:

  • 70% of tablet use comes in the home. I would say that equates it to a laptop that is connected to LTE. Certainly places the device in a different realm than the phone.
  • Nearly a third of the time spent on a tablet by people age 18-49 is for gaming. Wow.
  • The top features mobile shoppers appreciate are side-by-side comparison  easy checkout, product information and customer reviews. Meaning, make the process simple and informative.
  • 61% of users want a “click to call” feature on mobile business sites. Most interesting part of this stat is that the word “click” is used in relation to mobile.
  • 1 out of 3 mobile apps have a “check in” service. On top of that, 48% of users get some sort of incentive based upon checking in on their device. Once indoor GPS becomes main stream, you can expect this stat to increase.

Know your users, what they want to use their device for in your stores, and how to get them there. That’s the start of a great mobile strategy.


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