Blog Post: Apps That Real People Use

All of this conjecture is a bit easy to pose after the fact, but I am amazed when I read articles like this offering from Forbes. Apparently, the highest rated apps based upon current analytics are pieces of software that have features people will actually use.

Of course, that brings up the very relevant point: just how exactly do you know which features people want on their mobile device?

The short answer is, it depends. Since this article is in the retail industry, lets use that as an example. Mobile devices are meant to connect people who would otherwise not be. For retailers, usually that means getting them into the store. If you can utilize some sort of digital retailing system, or rewards based upon location, that drives traffic to the building.

The days of half-built mobile platforms are gone. If you don’t want to end up like the infamous in this article, know your brand and increase its awareness with an app people will love telling their friends about!

Blog Post: Apps That Real People Use


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