Blog Post: How Do You Measure Customer Satisfaction?

How refreshing to read this post by Buffer, my favorite social media tool, on measuring the happiness of their customers. It includes metrics on not only the response times to customer requests, but the reaction to those emails from customer service representatives.

As I have said many times, metrics are available around every corner with the advent of big data. It is up to you how that is used. Looks like Buffer cares about making their customers happy. Out of these 3,375 email conversations, these were our response times:

  • 56% of all emails got a reply within one hour
  • a further 14% within 1-3 hours
  • 9% waited more than one day
  • overall: 78% of people who emailed Buffer during January received a reply within 6 hours.

The post goes on to share the content of how those customer responses were received. Some used emoticons, others an LOL. According to their metrics, only one percent of customer responses were categorized as unhappy.

As one of the 3,375, I appreciate this kind of attention to user interaction. It gives me confidence in the team providing this service, and only increases my desire to open the app on a daily basis.

Great job team, keep up the good work!


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