One of the labels you see buzzing around the tech community (an many other industries) is “thought leader”. Of course, the idea of being a leader with your thoughts seems a little ridiculous. Obvious questions arise from this idea. How does one prove this? Is it even possible? Before I continue on, in full disclosure, my LinkedIn profile claims I am one of these leaders of thought. Hard to ignore SEO in this age of the Internet of Things and all.

Over the holidays, I have been giving these questions some real thought along with some advice by Seth Godin. In his great space on the web, Godin dishes some year end advice to his readers to write more. This space hopes to accomplish that.

I read a lot about the work I love doing. As a product manager for a software company specializing in mobile, it is important I constantly follow the validity of features we plan on delivering (as well as what other companies are trying). For some, it’s easy to see the value that certain functionality gives users. I would know, I am one. For other ideas, it will take time to tell. This space hopes to deliver my thoughts on both ends of this spectrum.

Finally, we need to follow the three pillars of Scrum methodology: transparency, inspect and adapt. To create more value in the processes others use, there is certainly a need to transparently inspect what is happening in your own house. Changing the way you think and do your work is harder than it sounds, but I think it is possible for any team. Conversations about process is how you begin change. This space aspires to continue this.

I haven’t regularly written in a while, so getting on a schedule will be one of the hardest parts for me. I’m not worried about delivering gold every time, just ensuring that you can trust in me delivering at all. Any feedback will be welcome and followed up on, especially at first.

Happy New Year, and happy reading!


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