Blog Post: How Owning A Useful Device Might Have Changed My Mind On Wearables

In the past 12 months, most of the conversation around wearable technology has related to how “useful” the devices are. When I say conversation, it’s not necessarily questioning if current the technology is useful. There’s no question of that, when you compare devices released by Pebble, Samsung, Nike and others. The only reason anyone is […]

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Blog Post: Take That Facebook

This is why we are in an unprecedented age of technological innovation. A 12-year-old boy in Florida (12), was tired of the age restriction Facebook has so he lied and created a few accounts. After accumulating over 600 friends and a slew of inappropriate information shared with him, his parents found out and shut it down. How did the parents resolve the connundrum?

They helped him create his own social network just for kids.

Zach Marks presents Grom Social, a site for kids 16 and under, and many think it has a chance. It receives over 6,000 views a day, and growing by the minute. The best part? Marks’ parents serve on the leadership team for the site.

Many wonder how Facebook is going to grow now that it is reaching the peak of it’s market saturation. With sites like Grom Social cropping up, they may have missed their opportunity to grow.

Blog Post: Take That Facebook

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Blog Post: The Internet of Your Appendage

The is the kind of article I want to be reading at the conclusion of CES: cool gadgets that might change how we live our lives. If you read my post on Thursday, I talked about how we should be seeing the fashion of tomorrow’s technology today at CES. If you thought mobile technology was just phones and tablets, please read this post by Quartz.

Very soon, we will be receiving messages on watches, reminded to get up and walk around by a bracelet, even have our blood pressure measured by a tattoo. The heath care aspects are mind boggling, but it also may impact fashion itself. I haven’t worn any jewelry other than my wedding ring for years. I could easily see myself with a watch, bracelet and ear piece in the near future.

Blog Post: The Internet of Your Appendage

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Blog Post: Open Source Art and the Rise of ‘Creative Coding’ – I wanted to share a unique community of developers who aren’t necessarily people considered “developers” a generation ago. These are true artists who want to use libraries and fellow creators to enhance the world around us. What an amazing notion.

Please pass this around and remember, the world adapts to people who choose a path and rally others to a cause. Decide what you want to make. I guarantee there are like-minded individuals who want to aid you in your journey.

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One of the labels you see buzzing around the tech community (an many other industries) is “thought leader”. Of course, the idea of being a leader with your thoughts seems a little ridiculous. Obvious questions arise from this idea. How does one prove this? Is it even possible? Before I continue on, in full disclosure, […]

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