When You Don’t Know What To Say

Life has a way of obstructing progress, at times. It’s not a nefarious scheme nature has against us individually. There are just times that things get in the way of us moving forward.

The fourth quarter last year was rough on me — personally and professionally. Everything pulled me in uncomfortable directions. The process hurt, a lot.

You expend so much energy just trying to do the right thing that you don’t realize the toll it takes on you. Emotions are drained, and energy is zapped to the point where you don’t have any when it’s needed most. You reach a point where it’s hard to even put one foot in front of the other.

It’s what has kept me from this space for far too long. I reached a point where I didn’t even know what to share or write after a while. What possibly good can you offer when you feel so awful all of the time?

Thankfully, people recognized this and came to my aid without me realizing it.

There was Adam imploring me that there were people around me that needed the old me again. Natalie flat out started holding me accountable to move forward, and that there was no other way of existing. My brother reminded me that even in the midst of struggle, laughter and joy is possible. Finally, Allison offered bring me along for the ride in sharing some amazing ideas with our community.

Four people recognized a small piece of me that was there waiting to be encouraged. One step forward turns into a few. A trot turns into a jog. You’re back before you know it.

Many of you are like me out there, unable to raise your hand for a variety of reasons. There are people out there, though, that want to help. I’m ready to continue with the mission of this space in 2016, now. Thanks for your patience in me.

Don’t be afraid to be honest when people ask what’s wrong. Often, its the first step towards a better day.


4 thoughts on “When You Don’t Know What To Say

  1. People in a small number of my communities are like your 4. I strive to be like one of your 4 in all of my communities. Hardest for me is my online communities. It’s sometimes hard for me to be like your 4 at work, but I aim to.


    1. I think it’s a challenge for us all to know how to respond to these situations at work. The world tells us to handle our own crap, and don’t overshare. I just can’t function that way and be successful. Share what you can, and trust that those others that truly matter can see through the cracks.


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