And Now, For A Different Kind Of Blog Post

The past three years has been an amazing ride in this space, because of the relationships this blog has allowed me to have. When I first started (thanks to Seth), I just wanted to start a conversation around how mobile technology and Agile seemed to be intertwined. Turns out, there has been plenty to talk about.

For the first time, though, I would like to write about neither subject.

hyderbaadmapGrowing up, I didn’t know anything about the world around me. The little Texas town I’m from had very few foreign born people. In my graduating class of 60, there were a handful of Hispanics and one Black. We went skiing in New Mexico or Colorado for family vacations, and I remember only white people in my hometown church. I don’t consider that to be the fault of any one party, it’s just what my hometown was growing up.

I certainly didn’t know anything about India, or what it would mean to my future.

When I first got into IT, I was blessed to go through training with some amazing people from the country. Every break, I was asking them questions about their home. From what their family life was like, how their education system differed, to what made them want to come to the US. The culture has fascinated me since then.

Today, I’m happy to say I’m going on my first ever trip to India this November. I will be traveling to Hyderabad from November 16-23 with some friends to do some work for two organizations. 

Kavitha k.b.tThe first is with the India Water Project, who has a goal of bringing clean water to the city. We will be installing bio-sand water filters in some of the villages (pictured to the left), while training leaders and members of local churches how to build and install more.

Second, we will also be spending some time with a orphanage connected to a local church. We met the pastor of that congregation through his son who lives here in Plano. The hope is to build a long-term relationship so we can bring even more people back next year.

So, why am I sharing a personal event in a mostly professional space?

While I do have money to raise for this trip (email me if you’re interested), I have a request of my amazing readers. Would you be thinking about me over the next couple of months as I embark on this exciting, but intimidating trip? It’s a very long trip to take in only 8 days, and I have no idea what to expect. However, with the encouragement  and support of all of you I know it will be a fruitful trip.

For those of you from the area, tell me stories! Share what you love about life there, and if there is something I should know about that area in November I would love to hear it.

The boy from Ballinger wouldn’t really know what to think about flying halfway around the world. He would be excited about loving on some people and telling a story when he comes back. Stay tuned for more.


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