Blog Post: Look Past The Obstacle Towards The Goal

Inspiration comes to me every day. Sometimes it’s in the form of an encouraging tweet, a text, or a phone call. Most of the time, though, I’m sleeping right next to inspiration. My wife shows me every day the realization that we are a work in progress. She wakes up every day and asks tough questions of herself, of me, and everyone around us.

She just completed her first half-marathon yesterday. I would love to say she did it because of her awesome support system, but the reality is she worked her tail off.

There were many days worthy of calling it quits. That’s the way it is with things worth going after.

We’ve all had fits of exhaustion and frustration in our endeavors. The chapter that just won’t come together. The development sprint that seems to fall flat on it’s face. The meeting that results in wild gesticulation and obscenities. Moments where we have to ask tough questions.

Best part of Karyn is, she didn’t see quitting as an option. Sure, the idea most likely hung in the air a few days, and she could have stopped. That’s just not how she’s wired.


Little by little, she worked over 3 months to get to 13.1 miles. If she had tried that on the first day, quitting would have been easier. She could have done a 10k and called it “good enough”. Instead, she never stopped looking at the end goal and working towards it.

What tough questions are you having to ask yourself this morning?

Rather than looking at the obstacles in the way, look past them to the goal. Only then can you find a way to negotiate those hurdles and get closer to the prize. Thanks for reminding me of that honey.


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