Blog Post: Obsess Over Every Passion

I was reminded on a trip to my brother’s house recently how amazing his wife is. When she first entered the family, she started a tradition that has somehow changed our culture.

See, she has a passion for giving. Whether handmade, store bought or small and thoughtful, she started welcoming guests with little baskets of goodies on every visit. Cards with names beautifully written accompanied them, letting the receiver know how important they are.

Of course, when you obsess over an act of kindness like that there is no way it doesn’t start paying itself forward.

My mother was the next to take a stab at gift baskets. She was touched by the generosity (and the fact that she loves giving as well) and thought of putting her own twist on the gesture. Soon, everyone was in on the act.

That’s what happens when you take something you are passionate about and make every detail memorable and remarkable.

Same principle can be applied to what you are slaving over every day. Every pixel, agenda, line of code, personal interaction and email can receive the commitment reserved for passions.

Why should the mundane get the same treatment?

People are depending on it. The attention needed might just mean a few moments more thought, or overcoming your fear of collaboration and communication. Small, simple commitments are all that is needed.

The real caveat is when its paid forward.

Remember how my sister-in-law’s gesture caught fire in my family? Same goes with your attention to detail at your work. The truly great leaders show everyone around them how important everything is. Once that catches on company wide, great moments occur.


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