Blog Post: Optimistic About Another Apple SDK

I can’t decide if the weeks before an Apple announce are the most exciting or annoying days of the year for me. On one hand, the need to “report” rumors and roughly-founded opinions has gotten old for me. The other hand holds an entire sea of possibility that provides wonder to Wall and Main Streets.

Such is the case of both views in this blog post by Ben Thompson. Guess after guess, buoyed by a balloon of hope: an Apple TV SDK.

He is absolutely correct in regards to media companies creating their own streaming apps instead of waiting on a device to put them on. Television and radio content creators specifically decided to take the bull by the horns and make sure their content is available to all who desire. Cord cutters of the world unite!

This does not improve Apple as a brand, however. The folks in Cupertino have long sought to use great software and design to sell hardware first. Wouldn’t an Apple TV SDK improve the hockey-puck-shaped devices that much more to have apps specifically designed for them?

It makes sense for media of all types, but the number of television aspect ratios are even worse than Android devices currently. I can only imagine the difficulty of providing the ability to develop for that platform first.

That’s why iPad and iPhone mirroring was released first. You have more control over the app dimension, and reduce the need for a separate SDK. Unfortunately, the time has arrived where we view Apple TV as its own product line instead of an augment to other Apple devices.

If the ecosystem is more important than specific devices, why not provide the TV as the entry point to iOS?

These are all important distinctions to make when releasing a separate SDK. While it is important to preserve the integrity of Apple’s carefully manicured product line, at some point this trigger needs to be pulled. The sooner you release a developer kid into the wild, the sooner we can get great apps designed for the television specifically. It reduces the need for an “Apple TV” and allows freedom to the developer community so many love being a part of.

I’m hopeful this will be part of the announcement. The close we get, the more I’m excited to see what happens September 10. That is, if the rumors are to be believed.


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