Blog Post: No Tool Can Replace Actual Conversation

Loved this post on communicating with customers from Intercom co-founder Jon Hainstock because it highlights something very depressing about how we work today: live conversation has been replaced in many ways. Regardless of your industry or company culture, there is a tool available to you that gives you the opportunity to avoid communicating.

I am not saying I dislike software that assists with categorization, priority flags, auto-responders, and case numbers. The bigger your organization, the more of a challenge it can be to keep everyone in the loop. At the same time, we must take advantage of every opportunity to have live conversation with co-workers and customers.

Trust is key, as the article states. That must be build with time and effort. You’ll have to swallow a lot of pride and words. When I say “you”, I mean me for sure.

Who have you had challenges with? Make a point to have some interaction that can give both people a chance to share and grow together. 

Blog Post: No Tool Can Replace Actual Conversation


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