Blog Post: The Longevity Of Push Notifications

For those in the mobile industry, I highly recommend following Thomas Husson from Forrester. His Twitter feed and blog both have a wealth of mobile knowledge with a global perspective, something we in the States should desperately keep in mind. While your product may be targeted for domestic purchase only, the days of marketing with that closed of a mind set are over.

I bring all this up because of something Thomas tweeted recently:

“According to some media companies I spoke to, push notifications generate on average 30% of total mobile sessions!”

That speaks to a high level of user engagement, nearly a third of mobile consumers start using their device based on feedback from these media apps. What that stat doesn’t even take into consideration is notifications from SMS messages, email, and social networking.

The real key for web based applications is how to take advantage of this phenomenon with out the benefit of platform-specific ways of connecting to customers.

A rise in push notifications could mean consumers are less willing to respond to traditional email notifications. Metrics show SMS has even greater engagement, which could allow browser based software a way into platform specific push notifications. That would require the user to share their number, though.

An exact road to victory may not be extremely clear right now, but it is down this area for sure. As I have stated several times, the company that shows customers the best way to share their information while being safe will be sitting on a gold mine. 


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