Blog Post: Tile Wearable Tags Just Dropped The Mic, Then Found It

We have all lost the remote in our house. It’s a pain, and sometimes can really derail your evening. The same feeling of frustration comes over you when you can’t find your keys, wallet, shoes or car (Wal-Mart parking lots are evil).

Now imagine a cheap device that utilized your mobile device to find it. Sounds expensive right?

As a fully-funded Kickstarter project, Tile is now making an affordable way of tagging individual items linked to a cloud-based system. That means you can use your — or anyone else’s — mobile device to locate these items. There is even a function that makes the square tile (which looks to be a couple of inches in size tops) beep for easy location.

By far, the greatest feature is the system each Tile is connected. As the video shows on the link above, imagine your bike gets stolen. You can mark the item as lost, which alerts the system to start using every mobile device connected to the app to start looking. An unsuspecting Samaritan could help you locate your lost item without even knowing it.

At the current price of $18.95 a piece, buying the max of 10 items gets a little pricey. However, spending $100 for five items can get my family’s two cars, sets of keys and my wife’s purse all tagged. I can now park with confidence out in public. 

When the company takes off a bit, I’m sure devices will get cheaper with longer battery life (each tile is reported to last a year). I’m not sure what the tipping point will be on price, but this is a great start.

I will be checking this out for sure, as should you. Shout out to Cult of Mac for the article that is spreading the gospel of this product.


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