Blog Post: Run Into Conflict

I wish I was the type of writer who could throw together less than 100 words and end up with gold. I’m just too long winded; plus this opening paragraph is proof that I need quite a head of steam before I get into the meat of my work. Guess that’s one more lesson I could learn from Seth Godin.

He posted some pointed words in the direction of conflict yesterday. Pointed because if we are truly going to mold our work lives into forward-moving experiences, we must allow a little emotion into the picture.

It’s okay to have a nerve touched. Even the most even-keeled of managers experience it, they just got to the position they are in because they fueled it in a positive direction. The issue was openly addressed and processed in a timely manner (most likely after a cool down of some sort), and wasn’t allowed to fester.

Bitter hearts ruin marriages, friendships and work partnerships. Stuffing the raw emotions away turn to bitterness more often than not. Don’t let your fear of confrontation poison the well of the relationship you know right now needs help. Make good, then move on together.


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