Blog Post: There Are Some Thinkers Out There

I am so encouraged when I read posts like what Paul Smalera offered on Medium yesterday (Smalera is an editor at Reuters). Not only does Paul see value in adding technological advancements to his profession, he wants to be a thought leader in how to create a revolution in the way content is pushed to the masses.

His argument is simple: managers of all kinds (not just media editors, I think this applies to all industries) need to become product managers and search for innovation in every facet of his or her industry. As a member of the journalism community (one I used to be a member of as well), he sees this as possibly the only way of saving the jobs of his fellow bloodhounds.

I started in the world of IT five years ago. In that time, I have evolved from a QA SME to leader in the product department. The skills I have picked up along the way are applicable to just about any job field you can think of. If the industry requires some proper massaging of ideas that foster innovation (I would say that includes them all). 

Words like this are worth reading and sharing. We need more of them in this economy.


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