Blog Post: Will My Wife Use It?

My wife is so loving. She didn’t quite understand the nerdiness she married nearly seven years ago. Dinner conversations about the societal metaphors of The Dark Knight were not something she signed up for, yet she has endured. Thank you Karyn, I really appreciate it.

When I dove head-first into mobile technology, she was barraged with presentations of features and one simple question: would you use that?

That’s what makes me skeptical of this GigaOm article reporting the viability of video messaging. Granted, we didn’t quite know the power we were holding in our hands when sending our first text messages, but video adds an unwanted wrinkle to the equation.

“If I am going to send you a video of what to pick up on your way home from work, why wouldn’t I just call you?” 

It’s a fair point. Voicemail allows me to record my voice for someone’s later use. Videos can be sent via MMS (an SMS with media attached). You can interrupt a meeting to look at a silent piece of text, but to get the full use of video there is need of audio.

Of course, it doesn’t even address the need for people to look presentable for video. Are you going to send a quick video message in your PJs? From the bathroom? 

We have no idea the power wearable technology will present in the next decade, so this may be a moot point in a few years. Projection-screen watches, for example, would make video messaging really attractive. Steve Jobs made a career out of telling us what we wanted to do with our devices, so I’m not ruling it out. All I know is the reaction my wife gave me.

She can’t be the only one that feels that way.


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